I’m a solo indie game designer working out of San Diego. I make minimalistic, abstract games. You should check them out.


I blame my mother. When I was a child, she made me playtest educational games for her classes. It was a slippery slope from JumpStart to Oregon Trail to Civilization II to Command and Conquer. I started making my own games as soon as I could, and I never stopped.

At Dartmouth College I created my own major in Game Design and officially broke into the games industry as a QA Tester Intern for Bethesda Softworks. Since then, I worked as a tech designer intern at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio and spent a year as the Lead Game Designer at MetroStar Systems.

Along the way, I released Auralux, my first commercial game, which inspired me to take the plunge: in November 2012, I quit, moved across the country, and started working full-time as an indie game designer.